Experiment with your partner!

Lets Experiment! is an interactive sex questionnaire for couples that helps safely uncover unspoken fantasies or surface new desires. Both you and your partner answer the questionnaire seperately, indicating the activities you want to try and, optionally, selecting how interested you are in that activity. You can also enter your own questions to be answered and the question will be presented to your partner no differently than the others. Once you and your partner answer all the questions about various sexual desires and fantasies, you're shown only the sexual activities in which you are both interested.

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Fully anonymous and secure

You don't have to supply any information about yourself or your partner. We also force the use of SSL encryption to protect your data as it travels between your device and our server.

No registration required

No registration is required, simply click the "Get started" button to begin. Your partner can use same or any other computer.

Enter your own questions

Improve the questionnaire to fit your needs by adding your own questions. After you start the questionnaire, click the "Add question" link at the top. Your new questions will not stand out from rest.