Why WeShouldTryIt.com doesn't work

tl;dr: There's a mistake in the scoring logic that will prevent acitivies you and your partner are interested in doing together from showing on your results.

If you have taken the sex activity questionnaire at WeShouldTryIt.com (WSTI), you likely did not receive the correct results and could be missing out on some great fun! Over at WSTI, there's a major flaw in the logic that determines which activities are shown in the results.

First, we have to thank and acknowledge the original author who released the code for the first version of the site as an open source project on GitHub. The author made several major revisions to the code that weren't committed to the project, but the majority of the work of the basic questionnaire is there and we're using that open source project to build and expand upon here at Let's Experiement!

Now, on to the issue at hand. When dealing with who likes to do what activity, there's two types of questions: shared and paired. Some questions stand alone as they are a shared activity, such as "use mirrors while having sex". This is something that the partners do together at the same time. Then, there's paired questions such as "take pictures of partner" and "have pictures taken by partner". This is a pair because it is an activity where there's a one-way relationship or a "giver" and a "receiver" and the activity can go either direction.

At WSTI, all questions are treated as shared, therefore, both partners have to respond to a question positively for it to be displayed in the results. This breaks paired questions where one partner may be okay with performing the activity to the other partner, but not the other way around. Okay, this may make more sense using our paired question from above:

Let's say Jack marks "yes" for the question "take pictures of partner",  but "no" to "have pictures taken by partner". During Jill's turn, she marks "no" to "take picture of partner", but "yes" to "have pictures taken by partner". This seems like a perfect match: Jack wants to take pictures of Jill and Jill is okay with having pictures taken by Jack. Unfortunately, using the logic at WSTI, neither of these activities would appear on the final results because one partner responded negatively to the activity.

This flaw does not exist at Let's Experiment, so you can take the questionnaire knowing you'll get the correct results and be on your way to a more exciting sex life!

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